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Pregnancy Test

A reason you may come to Portico is to find out if you are pregnant or not…and we’ll provide you with a free pregnancy test!  No appointment is necessary, you can simply walk-in.  Please check our office hours and call or come by.  Once you’re here, we’ll have you fill out a simple information sheet.  Then, a volunteer will meet with you…this is your opportunity to share a portion of your story!   A quick-result urine pregnancy test will be done.  It recognizes the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (hcg), which is detected in urine very early in pregnancy.  Depending upon the results of your test, you’ll be able to take advantage of any of our other services.

Initial Prenatal Assessment

We want to see how you are doing, so prior to your ultrasound, a Registered Nurse or other medical professional will complete a brief medical/obstetrical history.  We’ll go over some of the common signs and symptoms of pregnancy with you.  We’ll also discuss some precautions that you should be taking along with warnings about potential problems.  We encourage you to always seek the advice of a healthcare provider or go to the emergency room for evaluation of problems.  An important part of your care is taking prenatal vitamins of which we will offer you. A referral list of local physicians who will be able to provide prenatal care is available for you.


If you’ve had a positive pregnancy test at Portico, you’ll want to take advantage of our free ultrasound program.  An ultrasound is a diagnostic imaging technique that helps us confirm a pregnancy.  When you are 7-13 weeks along in your pregnancy (based on your LMP - last menstrual period), we can perform a limited obstetrical ultrasound.  We’ll be looking for evidence of pregnancy, estimated gestational age, and baby viability (how it’s developing, heartbeat, etc.)  You are welcome to bring a friend, boyfriend and/or family member to your ultrasound appointment.  Our trained medical team wants to help you during this process...

Peer Counseling for Women

We are here for you!  We want to listen to your story.  We care about your story and want you to feel comfortable enough to share your thoughts, fears, feelings, questions and concerns with us.  Everything you share is totally confidential.  We’re here to offer you information, help you think through your situation, and help you make the best decision for yourself.  All of this will be no cost to you…everything is free! Feel free to contact us.

Peer Counseling for Men

We care about men who may be involved in a possible pregnancy situation as well.  You play a very important and vital role.  We know that you may have concerns and questions…your voice needs to be heard.  There are male peer counselors here at Portico who are available to listen to you and your story.  Contact us if you would like to make an appointment.