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At Portico we believe that every story matters. We see our community as a collection of our unique and shared stories, and we embrace the idea that often the best way to serve your neighbor is to get to know them through sharing stories on the front porch.

As we serve our community, that is our approach. We don’t just see clients, we see lives that are made up of chapters, some good, and some not so good. Chapters that come together to shape who they are, and who they are becoming. Often those who come to us feel trapped by their circumstances, living in a chapter that has caused pain and shame.  Sometimes this chapter developed out of a decision that has caused pain and shame. Sometimes this chapter developed out of a decision they made, but for some, it was a chapter forced on them by circumstances beyond their control. Either way, they have been convinced that their story doesn’t matter. That is isn’t worth telling. That no one cares.

At Portico, we’ve each experienced our own difficult seasons. And through those we’ve discovered that no matter how painful a chapter is there is beauty the story waiting to be discovered. And we’ve found that as each story is being written, restoration and redemption are available. We’ve experienced this in our own stories, and are compelled to listen and to uncover those themes in the stories of others.

Our promise is simple. We’ll be a safe place; a place where someone will listen to your story, a place of hope and restoration, a place where we know the beauty of the full story is bigger than any one chapter. We will walk with you as you process and plan for the next chapter.